I blend creativity and technology to solve complex business problems by transforming organizations with effective strategic planning. I have worked collaboratively with many talented people to drive companies to become industry leaders by making organization-wide changes in digital transformation, and I developed and implemented the first PMO for two organizations.

I have broad business sector experience including IT and AV systems integration, construction tech, film production, app and exhibit UX/UI design, and e-commerce web development. My early career was defined by founding my own nonprofit that produced a feature film and a 10-year tenure in the museum technology field. I rose into leadership roles to create collaborative technology environments, set the vision and strategy for technology and digital media, and sought to deeply engage audiences with immersive stories delivered digitally. Following my work in the museum sector, I have spent the last few years focused on project and program management in corporate agency environments.

I am dedicated to the PMI best-practice model for project management. My leadership style is collaborative, and I empower my teams to self-organize to get things done within the process framework.

I am honored to have been recognized for leadership in the field by peers within the museum sector, including my election as a chair (2017-2019) of an international professional section that brought together technology pioneers from over 600 organizations throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. In this role I crafted and promoted IT best practices and organizational development for digital success and launched an association-wide corporate partnership to test and rollout an augmented reality app for scientific education.